Puerto Rico Missions | Giving HOPE to young families living in addiction, abuse, and poverty

Collaborating with local churches

We reach communities through the hands that are already serving, building, and loving. Church pastors, leaders, and members are the key to creating long-lasting change 

Partner with the Local Church

The aim is for people and entire communities to be changed. Christ Himself is seen as the source of significant transformation.

Serve the Local Communities

Partnering with local churches and organizations, we aim to enable local people to mobilize local resources to meet basic needs in an enduring way throughout an entire community.

Partner with Local Organizations

Non-for-profits are important to the cohesion of neighborhoods and the development of local communities.

Puerto Rico Missions
Families Live Below Poverty
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Addiction Treatment Centers Available
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Schools Closed & Abandoned
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Puerto Rico Missions

Our Mission is to build

Community centers and offer free resources to young families living in addiction, abuse, and poverty. 

Available Programs Will Include

Adopt-A- Block

Partners with volunteers, Puerto Rico missionaries, and other organizations to visit underserved neighborhoods with the goal of finding a need and filling it.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief collaborates with various Puerto Rico missions, churches, and other organizations in order to quickly provide resources and emotional and spiritual support to victims affected by natural disasters.

Food Pantry

Dedicated to alleviating hunger in Puerto Rico by serving families and individuals of all ages living in uncertainty, and seeking assistance.

Addiction Treatment

Establish or restore faith and relationship with God while also addressing addiction.
Monthly Support Budget Goal for Puerto Rico Missionaries
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Missionary Spotlight

Who are the Rivera's?

Daniel and Yolanda Rivera have been married since 2008 and now have three AWESOME children Isaiah, Natalia, and Mateo! After moving from Chicago IL to Houston TX, they made Life Church their home in 2010. Since then, both have served in nearly every area and have a heart to be obedient to whatever God calls them to do and serve their church body. From the beginning, Daniel and Yolanda have been called to youth & missions. Their passion and joy to walk with families in understanding and growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ is evident in their time spent with each family. Their calling is to teach, by example, what it is to be filled with the love of Jesus that our PASSION for chasing Him IGNITES a movement in us and those around us. 

Today they, along with their children, have become Puerto Rico missionaries to do Puerto Rico missions. Their heart is to serve the local churches in reaching young families for Christ. In addition, their testimony coming out of addiction and abuse has stirred a passion to be a testament of the faithfulness of God and a story of hope to the hopeless. Their mission is to start a community center that will provide free resources and a community of support to young families struggling in the areas of addiction, abuse and poverty.

We are excited to Partner with

Foursquare Missions International

Foursquare Missions International serves as the global arm of the US Foursquare church. FMI fulfills this role by serving, training, and connecting the US local church to the global church, equipping them to Pray for the lost around the world, Give to what God is doing through our Foursquare family globally, Go if they are called, Send workers to cross culture, and Welcome the stranger in our own communities as our country’s demographics continue to change and move.

“We are working hard to find a team of ministry partners who will give financially to support Puerto Rico Missions & Puerto Rico Missionaries."