July/ Aug Update

Teaching ESL to Teens

After taking a month off, the Boy’s and Girls Club has asked us to return and become a regular ESL program to the teens! Good things are happening.

Helping a Mom in Need

Through the relationships we are making with the teens at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, we are finding areas of need and trusting God to fill it. Listen to how God multiplied the only $20 a mother had to her name.

Claiming a School Campus In Jesus Name

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit a campus we are claiming. As a team, we stood on the property and began to pray for the Lord to give us the keys! After watching the video, click the link to watch the recorded LIVE prayer.

Say Hello to Our 1st Intern

It was a pleasure to host Arianna Allen. She stayed with us for two weeks and was a blessing to the mission in several ways. Listen to how she impacted the future generation.

We Are Seeing God’s Fingerprint Everywhere

We would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who support us financially and/or prayerfully. Your support means so much. Be encouraged to know that God is moving. We are recognizing His presence even during the most unplanned moments. Listen to why a man started crying in the middle of the road.

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