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$750 / Couple

Puerto Rico Mission

Serving Together As A Couple

Serving as a couple has benefits that go beyond bonding, contentment and peace. There’s a sweet intimacy that comes with working together on a service project or giving together to those in need. Couples who embrace God’s call to serve others experience an added closeness, and there are special moments and memories that naturally come when you do things together.

Moreover, participating together in ministry opportunities – such as a mission trip – can also help you to grow in your faith as a couple. Working side-by-side to fulfill the Great Commission – in whatever capacity – deepens your spiritual intimacy like little else can. Being the Lord’s witnesses by serving, giving, encouraging, caring and loving as Jesus loved is rewarding beyond words.

No matter where you are on the marriage journey, the Bible’s foundational truths can propel your relationship forward. Marriage on Mission acts as a guide, leading you and your spouse to Spirit-filled moments that can teach and transform.

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Puerto Rico Missions And Puerto Rican Missionaries

A Time of Serving

Couples will experience the power of serving as they serve together in various capacities. When couples choose to unselfishly serve others together, they experience peace, contentment and a deeper bond that strengthens their marriage.

Puerto Rico Mission

A Time of Intimacy

After a time of serving, couples will experience a time of intimacy. At Marriage on Mission couples can expect dynamic teachings, inspiring worship, and an environment that will help you and your spouse grow closer together and build a strong marriage.

Join Our Team in Puerto Rico as We Partner With Local Organizations And Churches To Meet The Needs Of Local Communities then take time to invest into your marriage in a Beautiful tropical Environment.

After years of economical collapse, Hurricane Maria, and catastrophic earthquakes Puerto Rico is a location of much need. The stats show 25% of public schools have been closed and abandoned and 48% of families live below poverty. Our mission is to give hope to the hopeless living in addiction, abuse, and poverty. In this Puerto Rico mission trip, you’ll help address poverty by partnering with local organizations, communities,  and churches and see firsthand what it looks like to do community development in an area that has survived multiple natural disasters. Service in Puerto Rico is highly relational, whether you’re working with children, youth or the elderly.

Serving in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Mission Trip

What are people saying?

I thought I was coming to be a blessing, but I was the one that was blessed! This trip exceeded all my expectations. 

-Trip Participant

Cost per Participant Includes

Couples will have their own room. Depending on the size of the group, groups may stay in hotel or an Airbnb setting. 

Meals include homemade, catered, and restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Participants will enjoy a variety of local cuisines. 

Groups will share a 10-15 passenger van including gas and tolls.  If a couple desires to have their own vehicle, they are free to rent a vehicle on their own expense, risk, and liability. The cost of the trip does NOT change if a couple chooses to rent a vehicle. 

Cost of project materials, tools, and supplies are included in our cost for standard outreach events. 

Cost of time of intimacy is included. This includes program, activities, supplies, etc. 

Our team will lead and participate in all activities. We plan and coordinate all your daily activities so that you can focus on serving and your marriage.